Regulations of Peer Review of Manuscript

All manuscripts are subject to peer review for the validity of the experimental design and results, significance, and appropriateness for the possible Journal publication (KJMCS). When all manuscripts are submitted successfully to the journal online system, they are initially subjected to a pre-screening step by the editor-in-chief. Manuscripts that are poorly written, fail to meet the required format by KJMCS, or violation of 'Research and Publication Ethics' containing plagiarism of the prior publications will be rejected in the pre-screening step without further review.

The manuscript submitted is at least 3 times evaluated by 3 reviewers selected by the Journal Office who are the expert in the field. Reviewers must load in the journal website the result of review within 2 weeks after reviewing agreement. The corresponding author is notified as soon as possible regarding the decision to accept, reject, or request revision of a manuscript by the decision of editor.

The manuscripts evaluated as “accept” or “request minor revision” by all of the reviewers are considered to be accepted for publication, although some revisions may be required to address the concerns of the reviewers and editorin- chief. If there are major flaws in the results of the research or the methodological design, the editor-in-chief may ask the author to clarify and resubmit or may reject the manuscript. If a manuscript is classified as “accept with revisions,” the author is expected to respond within one month, addressing all the comments made by the reviewers, making appropriate corrections or stating why the comments are unreasonable. The manuscript editor or a reviewer will consider the revisions, and recommend that the associate editors either accept the manuscript for publication or reject it. The author will be informed by the editor-in-chief of the final decision on the publication of the manuscript, when the final revised manuscript meets all KJMCS content and format requirements. And the manuscript accepted is scheduled for publication in the next available issue.

<These guidelines for framing of manuscript shall be implemented from Journal Vol. 16 Issue 6.>

<These guidelines for framing of manuscript shall be implemented from Journal Vol. 23 Issue 5.>